Giving our hearts away.

“The life we’re livin’
Should be spent givin’
Our hearts away”

“But hearts are fragile
and I can’t handle
the pain that brings.”

“Of course you can’t,
that’s why you shan’t
hold pain alone.”

“Then take my fear
and teach me here
Lord, how to love.”

“It will be taught,
though not by thought
or word alone.”

“So action then,
I must begin….
Where should I start?”

“To each his own,
and I have shown
you where to start.”

“Remind me then
where to begin,
for I’ve forgotten.”

1 John 2-4

“Obey my word
love not the world
love one another.”


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Speakers and Listeners

Why do we keep silent when there is something inside of us trying to scream out?   Only letting our deaf ears hear our silent cries brings death to us and those around us. Yet still we do not speak!!! What is this that chains our lips and our life? What has convinced us that it is better to remain silent when it’s actually better to speak up? What is it that blinds us to this truth which is so evident: We are lonely, and no one can know us, and therefore cure loneliness, unless we speak.

There are two roles here, that of the speaker and that of the listener. Each has a different set of struggles to overcome.

The speaker has yet to find his voice. Trapped in the lie that if he speaks he will be silenced again he simply remains quiet. The longer he remains quiet the louder he hears his own voice. What we speakers need to realize is that no one can hear our screams unless we open our mouths and let them out.

The listener believes that whoever wants to speak will speak. Assuming that what is being spoken is what is being said they listen with their ears, but not with their eyes or heart. The best thing for a listener to be is a consistent and trustworthy example.

A speaker without Christ will not have the courage to speak up soon enough. A listener without Christ will not wait around to listen. So please, whether you are a listener or speaker, and you may be both, listen to Christ and act. Do not be silent. Do not run from the uncomfortable things. Christ knows them all, personally. He took every one of those uncomfortable things we don’t like to talk about and carried them off to where God will not see them. But He sees them. He knows them. He cares.

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Providing for the little things.

(Throwback Thursday, originally written in 2013)

It’s my last day in Kona Hawaii.  The day before I had went to the beach with some friends.  The waves in Hawaii are a lot bigger than the waves in Texas and I had kinda hurt myself playing in them.  It was a lot of fun though. J  I still needed to get some gifts for my family before I left, but to get them I had to walk up and down quite a few big hills, my back hurt, and I still had a cramp in my leg.  Anyways, pain aside, I started walking down.  “Lord,” I prayed “you know how much my body can take.  I really want to get these gifts.  If I need a ride, please provide one, if not then I’ll walk.” 

As I walk down the first big hill I call my mom.  Once I’m at the bottom of the hill I stop as a truck drives out of the campus driveway.  “You need a ride?”  The girl in it asks.  “No thanks.”  I reply as I continue talking to my mom.  “Ok.” she says, and pulls out a little farther to wait for the traffic to clear.  Wait a second, didn’t I just pray for a ride??  I walk up to her truck and ask if she’ll still give me a ride.  “Sure, Hop in!”  She laughs as I explain to my mom that I really am safe, it’s only another girl, hitchhiking is legal in Hawaii, I’m really not going to be abducted, etc. and end the call.  “Where are you going?” She asks.  “To the ABC store.”  I reply with a smile.  On the way there we introduced ourselves and I tell her my predicament.   She offers to wait for me while I shop.  “You really don’t have to.”  I say.  “But I want to.”  She replies.  Thinking of those two large hills I’d have to climb without her I agree to have her wait.

I finish my shopping and grab a banana to try and get the leg cramp to go away.  On the way back she explains that she and her husband are renting the truck for the weekend.   When they got it they prayed that they’d be able to help people with it.  As she was pulling out of the driveway she felt a nudge from God to go ask if I wanted a ride.  She almost didn’t, but I’m very glad she did.

It is so cool to see God answer prayers and provide for the ‘silly little things’ that make up our lives.

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Slow Down.

I simply stopped my race, I’d found a quiet place, to read my Bible some, until my peace did come, but then I had a look, away from the good book, into my mirror, rear, and saw with some true fear, a cop car drawing near.

You see that night had been, one which I didn’t win, I’d let myself get mad, worked up, and rather sad. I thought I needed to, drive faster than I do, when in a normal state, and chose not to abate, the speed at which I went, even when God sent, a whisper in my ear, slow down my daughter dear.

I’d pulled right off of the road, before his bright lights showed, to have some Jesus time, and write myself a rhyme, I didn’t know that I, had passed that trooper by, or hadn’t really stopped, but past that stop sign hopped, so he came to my side, and asked “how was my ride”, I said I’d lost my cool, with some friends back at school, and probably had drove bad, then showed him what I had, in ways of cards and such, that his kind loves so much.

He asked me if I knew, where I was going to, I said well yes I do, and if I must be true, the reason I stopped here, was simply to draw near, my Jesus whom I love, who lives up high above, and read my Bible too, for that’s just what I do.

He looked me over then, and quickly did begin, to shine his light into, my windows through and through. Finding I did not, have things like beer or pot, he asked me if I did, have Bibles somewhere hid, I said, well yes of course, (my voice was getting hoarse,) I showed him what I had, and he looked rather glad.

Then that kind soul had grace, on my unhappy face, and simply gave me a, quick warning and I’ll say, I was so happy then, I said, well thanks again! He said just keep in mind, there’s better ways you’ll find, to blow off built up steam, and yes, it does now seem, like good advice to take, before I go and make, a rash decision while, I’m driving for a mile, Next time I will stop first, and bring God all my worst, before I drive too fast, with music up full blast.

I’ll keep these words in mind, the next time that I find, myself in quite a mess, I’ll stop there and confess, before I leave the town, that I need to slow down, and take the time to be, with Jesus then I’ll see, that running ‘way from things, no peace it really brings.

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Senior Pictures – Ashley Frazier

This lovely lady swears she’s not model material… I beg to differ. :)
Congratulations Ashley!! It was truly a joy to be able to take your senior pictures.

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“When presence seems gone and waters run dry

When all that comes from my mouth is a sigh

My love for you is still so strong

I cannot stay away for long

So wait on me my child dear

Wait for my arms when I draw near”

“When days seem long and nights so sad

I still believe in you my Dad

I’ll wait for you, obey your voice

When in that valley, I’ll make that choice”

I wrote this years ago during a time that was filled with constant recognition of God’s presence. I felt at the time that I was writing this for someone in the room I read it in, little did I know it was for me.

Life hasn’t been bad, but I find myself missing that feeling of closeness to my Father. Instead of those feelings drawing me in this is a time of choosing who I will be. Choosing to be a Christ follower, and to let the fears and doubts I have be answered, or just recorded to be acknowledged and possibly answered in His timing. Silly but true that I can choose to not see the answers staring me in the face, but that’s for a different post.

I don’t think I realize the importance of His timing yet. I don’t know if I ever will. But today I choose to actively wait and see what He holds for me. For His way is higher, surer, and better than mine will ever be, no matter what it seems like at the moment.

Ephesians 3:20-21

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Come to You

I stay outside the gate and wait
for my big burdens to stray away.
I’m way to busy to come and bum
your food that makes my soul so whole.
The days go by, I’m blessed but stressed.
I’m wondering if I’ll make or break
The big life you have planned so grand.

One day I come and sit a bit
I taste the food you give and live
for a moment with rest so blessed
that I recall the way you say
to come to you each day and stay
so full, not empty, for you (It’s true!)
give me plenty when I come to you.

John 6:35  Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.'”

In life we will die without water in a matter of days, but the body can live without food for several weeks. If we believe in Christ we won’t be thirsty, he has taken care of the most immediate and life threatening need completely. But how often do we go hungry?  We go hungry not because he does not provide, but because we simply do not come to eat.

I have had to remember that. There have been many days lately when I wonder where my peace, patience, and strength have gone. They aren’t as visible to me as they have been in times past. When I realize that those are missing I’ve got to make myself sit down and eat of the rest, peace, joy and strength he gives me. I can go a long time without it, but just like when I go a long time without food, I get cranky. Which is silly when all I’ve got to do is simply come to him!

I hope we will come to His table more.

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