A little peice of God.

In every culture there is a little piece of God that stands out. One of the things I enjoy about traveling is that I get to see all those different parts of God in real life. :) In Togo, Africa the people were very welcoming. They seemed to stop almost anything just to sit down and talk with you. There’s an African saying (I don’t know if the Togolese use it or not) “The white man has the watch, but we have the time.” When I first heard this, I kinda cringed. It made me worried that we were going to be sitting around for hours waiting for someone to show up to an event. What they didn’t tell me was the reason behind the saying. The Togolese culture is generally relationship oriented. They’d rather keep talking to you and be late than end the conversation and be on time. Building the relationship is more important to them. So instead of ending the conversation to be on time, they keep talking and show up late. Their cultural priorities are different than mine.
This was such a good picture to me of how God will talk to us all the time. He’s not some far off God that won’t stoop down to talk to us until we have performed all the right steps. Instead He’s waiting to speak with us, longing for that chance to grow our relationship with Him. No matter when it is, or what’s going on He will drop everything to be with us.Kids :)

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