Stability and Freedom

Stability and Freedom

From stable limbs a chick takes flight,

Though at first it is with fright.

And to that limb they each return

While they spread their wings to learn.

But if that limb beneath them breaks

To those young birds the whole earth shakes.

They stay below, alone and scared

For fox and snake they’re ill prepared.

Without the help of mom and tree

They find themselves no longer free.

Bound by weight without a place

To fall and find themselves in space

They cannot fall they cannot win

Evil things may take them in.

But if that limb indeed stays strong

You will find it won’t take long

For those young birds to find their wings

And fly away to bigger things.

So how to keep that limb up high

And how to help them if it dies

Is part of what their guide must try

To see them way up in the sky.

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