What to do?

When life offers you as many options as Walmart, but you don’t have a shopping list.

What to do?

When you are told by God that you are free to pick any option, but this is the one He wants you to do.

What to do?

When God trusts you with thoughts and life, but you don’t trust yourself with them.

What to do?

When a guy likes you and you might like the guy, but God says no.

What to do?

When you’re supposed to make your own decisions, but you don’t feel qualified.

What to do?

When you read this and you realize how obvious the answers are, but how impossible they seem.

You pray, you scream to God for help, you wait, and you don’t let fear cripple you.  Because you know the one you scream to hears you.

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  1. acrumbie says:

    I wrote this a while ago. Just felt like posting it today.


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