Anna’s Ramblings

I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse into what I am doing at home.

For the first few months after I came home my mom was on bed rest because of a broken sacrum.  (The sacrum is part of the spinal column and connects the spine with the hips and pelvis.)  I can really see Gods hand in bringing me back in time to be able to help my family during this time.  Although she still isn’t fully healed we are very glad that she is doing better. Occasionally she still has pain coming from where it was broken, and she isn’t able to do things like pick up heavy objects, be on her feet for too long, etc. but she is no longer on bed rest.  We would really appreciate your prayers for her full healing.

This past week I have taken training with an organization called ‘Purchased’.  Purchased is a ministry located in Shreveport, Louisiana designed to locate, love and motivate women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.  They desire to love these women no matter where there are, like Jesus would.  It is really cool to see how God has opened doors for them in the community.  They work with women in strip clubs, prostitution, and jails in the area. They provide free healthcare services, a Christian community that does their best to bring them into a relationship with Christ, ways to get out of the industry, and much more.  I know they have seen several women come out of the sex industry into a better life. I have just gotten started working with them, and still don’t know a lot of the things they do.  If you would like to learn more about them this is their website:

There is also a ministry similar to this called Refuge of Light that I’m hoping to get involved with soon.  Refuge of Light is located in Tyler, Texas. (  ) Neither of these ministries are part of YWAM.  At some time in the future I would like to continue to work with YWAM, but I feel like I am supposed to be doing something different for right now.

I really felt like I was supposed to share about what I’m doing with Purchased at Church this past Sunday.  Right after I shared about it one of the guys from church who works in the jail turns around and tells me that they arrested a guy for human trafficking the day before. (This is in Jefferson, a little town of 2,000 people.)  The rest of the day I tried to get more information about what happened to the girl who was trafficked.  We weren’t able to find out anything solid about her, her name, where she is, etc. He thinks she may have been sent back to Mexico where she was taken from.  After talking with some of the leaders from purchased I hope to be able to be of more help if a situation like this does come up again.   Please join me in prayer that she is safe and will not be trafficked again.

As people here in Jefferson have found out that I am working in these ministries an opportunity has come up.  I have been asked to give a short talk about human trafficking to a small group of students from the Jefferson High School.  That will be happening during second lunch at the high school on Thursday, January 30th.  I didn’t expect to transition from learning about this to teaching others so quickly.  If y’all could pray that I am able to do a good job and that I’m kept safe spiritually as I do these things I would really appreciate it.

Also, in a few weeks I’m planning on speaking about my trip to Africa at a church breakfast.  There will be about 40 people there.  This is the first time I’ve been asked to speak about my trip outside of my home church, so I hope I do well.   Please pray that I am able to speak well and help them draw closer to Christ.

And finally, I am hoping to apply for a job this week.  Nothing big, working with the Jefferson newspaper, or waiting tables, or cleaning hotel rooms, whatever comes up.  Just hoping I get the ‘right job’ to earn some cash. :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and pray. I should be back in touch with you all once I get more involved in these things, just to keep y’all updated with things to pray about.

Thanks, Anna

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