Slow Down.

I simply stopped my race, I’d found a quiet place, to read my Bible some, until my peace did come, but then I had a look, away from the good book, into my mirror, rear, and saw with some true fear, a cop car drawing near.

You see that night had been, one which I didn’t win, I’d let myself get mad, worked up, and rather sad. I thought I needed to, drive faster than I do, when in a normal state, and chose not to abate, the speed at which I went, even when God sent, a whisper in my ear, slow down my daughter dear.

I’d pulled right off of the road, before his bright lights showed, to have some Jesus time, and write myself a rhyme, I didn’t know that I, had passed that trooper by, or hadn’t really stopped, but past that stop sign hopped, so he came to my side, and asked “how was my ride”, I said I’d lost my cool, with some friends back at school, and probably had drove bad, then showed him what I had, in ways of cards and such, that his kind loves so much.

He asked me if I knew, where I was going to, I said well yes I do, and if I must be true, the reason I stopped here, was simply to draw near, my Jesus whom I love, who lives up high above, and read my Bible too, for that’s just what I do.

He looked me over then, and quickly did begin, to shine his light into, my windows through and through. Finding I did not, have things like beer or pot, he asked me if I did, have Bibles somewhere hid, I said, well yes of course, (my voice was getting hoarse,) I showed him what I had, and he looked rather glad.

Then that kind soul had grace, on my unhappy face, and simply gave me a, quick warning and I’ll say, I was so happy then, I said, well thanks again! He said just keep in mind, there’s better ways you’ll find, to blow off built up steam, and yes, it does now seem, like good advice to take, before I go and make, a rash decision while, I’m driving for a mile, Next time I will stop first, and bring God all my worst, before I drive too fast, with music up full blast.

I’ll keep these words in mind, the next time that I find, myself in quite a mess, I’ll stop there and confess, before I leave the town, that I need to slow down, and take the time to be, with Jesus then I’ll see, that running ‘way from things, no peace it really brings.

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