More about me….

I am a girl who has begun a crazy adventure.  Where it will take me, who I’ll end up with, what I’ll be like at the end of it, all of that remains to be seen, but I do know a few things about who I am and where I’ve been.

I am a Christ follower who desires to continue falling more deeply in love with him and showing his love to those around me. I grew up in a small town in East Texas.  My life was filled with family, school, friends, photography, horses, and nature. :)

Since graduating high school I have been amazed to see how much of the world I’ve been to.  It started with a trip with family to Europe, then missions trips to Mexico and Africa, as well as taking a photography school in beautiful Kona Hawaii. I have been able to see more of the world then I thought would be possible.  But, there’s always more of the world I’ll want to see. :)

I really enjoy travel, especially when I get to help people while doing it.  The new sights, smells, sounds, languages, and subjects I see during my times away from home thrill me.  I love to see how there is a different part of Jesus highlighted in each culture.  And when I get to do this with other missions minded people it just gets better.

I also enjoy taking pictures.  I have a photography business called Anna Crumbie Photography. > < I love to capture the moments life creates around me, whether it’s the sleeping face of a newborn, a bee that has landed for a split second on a flower, the first kiss at a wedding, or the moment when the bat hits the ball during a baseball game. All of this is part of life, and the ability to record it is quite incredible.

Right now I’m back in Texas.  My challenge today is to not procrastinate on homework assignments while studying for a photojournalism degree at the University of North Texas.  Where I’ll go next, how much longer I’ll be here in Denton, Texas, what picture’s I’ll be taking next, I really don’t know.  But, wherever I go, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it.



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